A Day In The Life Of An Engineer: Ruan Heyns


The day starts early at 07h00 where I follow the most important ritual of the day…making coffee. It’s an art, it’s a skill, it’s my passion.


Measuring out precisely 30 grams of coffee I then proceed to hand grind. 30 grams of coffee to 500ml of freshwater. I understand that it seems like a lot of effort for something like coffee, but the experience and the ritual just makes it a fantastic way to start my day. I delicately make 2 cups of coffee and store one in a thermal cup for another hot cuppa at 11h00.

At 08h00, I boot up my system, and quickly scan my emails for any urgent problems or things that immediately require my attention. If not, I head to VSCode where the magic happens.

With my trusty Github Copilot on my side, I sit and churn out (mostly) well written and documented code. At 12h00 I stop for lunch, and I try to make something interesting and mostly healthy. Recently I made a nice ramen bowl.

After lunch, I indulge myself with some retail therapy by scanning the daily deals on Takealot…you know those daily deals have some great offers!

Work then continues till 17h00, fixing bugs, writing SQL and helping my client where I can. After work I have an hour for a bit of hobbying before dinner. Currently the hobby taking the most of my time is miniature painting for the wargame, Star Wars Legion.

Each day is rounded off with either a game of online Dungeons and Dragons with friends, maybe DotA 2, or a date night with my fiance.


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