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Here, you’re not “just” an engineer or a designer!

You change the way people use technology. So, let’s step into the world where digital products not only work but also matter, where you pave the way to your own achievements and where excellent team vibes can’t be faked.

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We attract, nurture and retain talent by giving our team the freedom to be creative and flexible. By having a responsible team that is free to innovate without much bureaucracy, we’ve been able to grow and adapt in a competitive marketplace. Join our team!

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Why Us?

We are

Home of like-minded engineers who are passionate about solving real-world challenges with freedom of expression, quality and in a timely fashion to reach their full potential.

We aspire to become 

The leading global consulting and product engineering company, focused on leveraging innovative technologies that add tangible value for all stakeholders.

We are a bright and charismatic bunch!

  • We believe in great work life balance and acknowledge the team’s diversity of experience.
  • We have a great passion for problem solving
  • We value teamwork, respect, empathy and integrity
  • We create effective solutions for our clients
  • We are adaptable
  • We are in relentless pursuit of excellence
  • We believe in creating safe spaces for learning and asking questions

How we approach our work

We Learn; we quickly learn and understand our customers’ business domain.
We Optimise; by bringing in the best technology and guiding our customers on making the right choices.
We Accelerate; through the timeous delivery of value within budget.

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