A Decade of Dedication 

Blue Bean Software Team

Celebrating 10 Years of exceptional people, services, and products

It’s the 4th of July! America and the Philippines are celebrating their independence since 1776 and 1946 respectively.

But did you know?

Alice in Wonderland was first published on this day in 1865; Dolly the cloned sheep, took her first breath on this day in 1996; NASA’s Mars Pathfinder became the first spacecraft after 20 years to land on Mars in 1997, AND… I opened the doors to Blue Bean Software, on this day in 2012.

Sure, my humble achievement may not be as magnificent as a cloned sheep or a rover on Mars but creating Blue Bean Software has been a life-changing experience. Having the privilege to work side by side with some of the best people I could ask for has made this 10-year milestone so much more meaningful and rewarding

Since day one, my vision has grown with the help and growth of an amazing bright team. We aim to be a leading software and product engineering company, focused on leveraging innovative technologies that add tangible value to all stakeholders.

Now, that sentence may be a mouthful of tech talk, and the one thing I can say about this business is that it’s actually more human than high-tech. 

A decade of lessons learnt

During the last 10 years of working alongside some of the best software engineers in the country, nothing stands out more than the importance of implementing genuine human skills in this business.   

When developing a product or coding software, there is a broad range of technical skills a software engineer may have. Some of the brightest engineers I know, spend their time off, sharpening their dev & tech knowledge out of pure curiosity and a craving to learn. But the ones who really stand out are those who take the extra 10 minutes to talk to a client, or a colleague, to fully grasp the expectations everyone has of a project.

Innovating by being more human

The future of tech is not going to be all machine learning, flying cars and cold AI. It’s convenience-driven solutions using hardware and software technology to help us build better, more sustainable businesses that solve human and environmental needs. And getting there, software engineers need to prioritise and sharpen their human skills.

A great end-product is the result of efficient coding, keen curiosity, and effective communication. During the next 10 years, I want to personally grow my own and my team’s human skills to ensure we continuously create better products and solve new challenges year on year.

How human skills help code better: 

  1. It helps you to understand your customer: managing expectations with clear and honest communication from the get-go does wonders for everyone involved. There is shared empathy for each party’s process, problems and boxes that need to be checked.
  1. It helps you to express your ideas: Developer, Petri Kainulainen, shared the concept that in order to spread your ideas, you have to first figure out how your team members think and what motivates them. Why? Because…
  1. When you figure out what guides the actions of your team members, you can express your idea in a way that makes sense to your team members.
  1. When you understand what motivates your team members, you can express your idea in a way that feels fascinating and motivating.
  1. It helps you create better APIs: We write software for humans to use, therefore it makes sense to ensure that the software provides a great user experience. As technology and applications advance, convenience reigns king and nothing feels and performs better than sophisticated simplicity.

As you can tell from our About Us page, we prioritise people in everything we do and truly value our diverse and magnificent team. Moving forward, I want to keep driving our values, vision and mission to put people at the core of everything we do.

We remain a bright and charismatic bunch who…

  • Believe in a great work-life balance and acknowledge the team’s diversity of experience.
  • Have a great passion for problem-solving
  • Value teamwork, respect, empathy, and integrity
  • Create effective solutions for our clients
  • Are adaptable
  • Are in relentless pursuit of excellence
  • Believe in creating safe spaces for learning and asking questions

Cheers to the next great 10 years ahead!

About the Author

Father, backyard bee keeper, avid gardener, Founder and Medicine man at Blue Bean Software.