Basics of the Bash command line to improve your productivity


This is gonna be an unashamedly Linux-centric post. If you don’t use Linux you are unfortunate.

Bash shell is the standard Unix / Linux shell. It’s got a command line interface. It feels clunky, it feels old. It is powerful. It is the secret to becoming a coding deity. ivermectina para adultos

There’s a famous essay called “In the beginning was the command line”. Y’all should google it. There’s a part 2 too, and it’s also good in a part 2 kinda way.

So it was only a few years ago that I worked out that tab completion works in the bash shell. It kinda changed my life. Ever since then I’ve been slowly learning more and more about how awesome the command line is. Why is it awesome? It’s kinda… infinitely flexible. If you want to do a regex search for files containing your name or something like that… you can get a graphical tool, maybe even a powerful one, to do that for you, but as soon as you want to do something else, like… copy all those files to one directory or delete them (if you’re a spy and you want to cover your tracks), then you find yourself clicking on the damn things in the list individually. It’s just horrific. You can do that in like… 20 seconds with a bit of shell knowledge.

This is not a manual to make you into a spell caster. For that I recommend this book which I have never read. Not for lack of trying. Just I always end up doing something else before I get to the juicy stuff.

Without further ado, here is my Bash shell cheat sheet.

  • Warning: I haven’t actually typed in every single command here. company coupon ivermectin rosacea cost Some I’ve just put in there from memory. It shouldn’t be too far off and I’ll correct mistakes if I find them, but there may be mistakes, so just read for understanding and don’t be sad if stuff doesn’t work quite as I said it does.
  • I had to make a PDF ‘cos wordpress refuses to format the thing correctly. how often do i give my dog ivermectin Sad face.

Thanks to Wouter for the suggestions of extra useful commands to include, some of which I didn’t know about but they’re all super great 🙂

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