Integration specialist team for T-Systems


T-systems approached us with a desire to automate business processes end-to-end through different systems in the company by leveraging their existing SoftwareAG enterprise software stack. We have designed and developed a solution to fit the existing processes and system landscape of the customer. The solution we’re delivering provides for process transparency and agility, less programming effort, open framework and minimal vendor lock-in.


The customer had set several requirements for the solution to meet. It had to comply with their existing ticketing and task assignment solution ; be easy to understand, compatible with Java server faces, composite application framework, and describe many live scenarios. Further, it has to have a common language with business.
To improve customer’s business process management, We delivered a technical solution for Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) based on documented current processes. The solution, selected among possible automation alternatives, is based on SoftwareAG BPM and Task engine for workflow automation.
This technology stack adheres to the concept of workflow automation as a tool and allows to design, implement, run, and analize processes.


The solution is currently used to automate 5 core processes in one of the departments of the technical service company operating in energy and transport industry. The customer plans to extend the solution to other departments as well with the ambition to box its components into a reusable framework for adoption across board.

Technology Stack


wM Integration Server

wM Universal Messaging

wM Business Process

Composite Application Framework