Detailing patrol activities, improving security: Mobile Guard Patrol solution for Dycom


Dycom approached us to deliver an MVP solution that could provide a way to manage the security guards patrolling remote premises effectively by using Near Frequency Communication (NFC); Beacon with Cloud computing technology to provide security firms with an effective patrolling app on Android smartphones.

During patrol duty rounds, guards will be using the app as a tool to tap their mobile devices on NFC checkpoints or scans for Beacon checkpoints to confirm location and time at that particular location. This app also allows the patrolling guards to report incidents, send photos, provide updates in real-time or request for an S.O.S distress message to the manager in charge to maintain high level of security at all times.


The Blue Bean Software team proposed a lean startup approach, an ideal framework when launching brand new products to the market that minimizes risks and maximizes learning based on real data. During the product workshop, the client and the team got to know the product requirements inside out and selected the core features for the MVP. In order to meet the tight deadline, each development team member worked simultaneously from day one and the product was tested daily.

Technology Stack

Android with Kotlin

Couchbase Server