IoT: The Lego of Modern Technology

IoT The Lego of modern technology

Lego offers endless creativity – building, rebuilding, scaling, looking at something from different perspectives and then going beyond the box instructions. For us, this is what the Internet of Things (IoT) feels like sometimes. And the possibilities are endless! 

To take one step back, saying that ‘the internet has impacted the modern world’ is as big of an understatement as saying, ‘gravity is kind of important’. Modern internet technology has enabled and empowered people to connect, share, work, and do everything in between frankly. 

The internet has been created for people by people, and if there is one thing true about our human species, is that we are a needy, creative and curious bunch who have subsequently developed an expectation for on-demand satisfaction. Discovering new ways to shorten the gap between demand and supply, using IoT, is where the creativity and fun comes in. 

What is IoT

The Internet of Things can be seen as the sequel to the internet of people. IoT allows your smart devices to not only connect to each other but communicate, learn and sense too. It is said that the IoT was birthed when more devices were connected to the internet than people, thus in 2008, IoT was born, and we’ve been connected ever since. 

Examples of real-world IoT applications 

  • Wearables and smartphones
  • Smart home applications
  • Healthcare – practically the whole hospital can be seen as an ecosystem of connected devices and valuable life-saving data.
  • Smart Cities – traffic monitoring for example
  • Agriculture – with IoT sensors, farmers can track key soil information to determine the next best steps to take to ensure a good harvest.
  • Industrial automation such as fleet management, product flow monitoring, quality control, and safety and security. 

Is that a data-collection device in your pocket… 

Modern smartphones have become such a fundamental piece of tech that many of us never stop to think about what is going on behind the screen. Smartphones have the capability to track your daily steps, sleeping habits, productivity or even connect you to the love of your life, and the fun doesn’t stop there. 

All this data collection is the building blocks (like Lego) of IoT and is being used by today’s leading tech manufacturers. Smart scales, fridges, and fitness trackers all rely on data with your smartphone commonly being used as the central hub. 

A Day in the life of IoT dominance

Although many of us have only just started to dip our toes into IoT, the tech is there to change your daily life into an interconnected occurrence. Picture your smartphone’s alarm ringing in the morning, it has already told your coffee machine to get your morning brew going. Your lights radiate a gradual morning sunrise scene, and your daily news and weather is being read by your smart speaker. 

You get out of bed as your coffee is being poured and your fridge sends your daily shopping list to your local grocery delivery system. Traffic is being analysed and your ride share is being scheduled to leave at the correct time to ensure your commute goes smoothly. 

Your morning workout is being tracked and reported to your medical aid to ensure your premiums are adjusted accurately. You get dressed and pop on your smartwatch as it notifies you of your ride share’s arrival. Off you go to your workspace where printers, air conditioning units and almost every other device in the office carries on the process.

Sure, for most of us this level of connectivity may feel overwhelming, but many have already given their daily tasks over to IoT and many more are set to do the same. At Blue Bean Software, we’re firm believers of IoT and are ready to help your business take full advantage.  

With us, the tech world is your oyster: turnkey IoT solutions

We offer all required components and functionality, including hardware devices equipped with: 

  • sensors 
  • actuators
  • gateways
  • integration with the cloud-based platform including data analytics 
  • remote management 
  • security
  • and client web and mobile applications

We believe that the combination of a good knowledge base, the spirit of Lego-building creativity, and cooperation with first-class partners, is the right foundation for creating best-of-breed complete IoT solutions. To ensure the best cost/performance ratio, we can join our forces with various certified hardware or software providers. 

What’s defining our progress in the IoT world is taking part in the various R&D projects and teaming up with the domain experts. To keep up with the latest developments in the IoT domain, we are constantly upgrading our knowledge base and gaining valuable experience, including the most important factor to create and implement efficient IoT – being human, being creative and satisfying human needs. 

Reach out to us if you are keen to create something amazing! 

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