2023 Tech Trends, Are You Ready?

2023 Tech Trends

As the year is drawing to an end at a shocking pace, we here at Blue Bean Software are looking forward to 2023. Providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions starts with keeping up to date with trends – past, present and future. In today’s edition of the Blue Bean Software blog, we’re taking a look at the top tech trends that we’re predicting will have a strong rise in 2023.

AI and Machine Learning 

In the past year, we’ve seen Artificial Intelligence truly hit the mainstream. What started as a Sci-Fi concept has entered our digital eco-space in numerous ways and we’re predicting that this trend will continue to rise in 2023 and years to come. 

We have witnessed AI’s take on the creative fields with projects like DALL·E 2 gaining mainstream attention and similar projects following suit. This trend of AI content creation is however only the tip of the iceberg. It is estimated that 10% of all code in 2023 will be written by AI. 

Although this is a staggering growth for a relatively new concept, we’re predicting this trend to grow by leaps and bounds. With AI bots being able to generate code, act as assistants (don’t worry no one’s job is at risk, only more efficient) and aid in decision-making. This life-changing development is sure to have an impact on your personal and professional life in 2023. 

IoT Continues Its Rise

We’ve discussed IoT at length in previous blogs, and we’re sure we’re going to be discussing its developments in many more to come. With the world becoming even more connected through lower entry costs and higher 5G adoption, more people are discovering the power of IoT and the role it plays in everyday operations.

One sector to keep an eye out for is the crucial business of transport and logistics. By using aggregated information from both real-time and historical data, companies gain access to a high level of insight. This kind of insight is crucial for better predictive planning such as supply and demand forecasting. 

Not too long ago we felt the impact of a ship stuck in the Suez Canal had on the global economy, now picture a world where problems and solutions are calculated based on monitoring and historical data. Throw in modern Digital Twins technology and machine learning, and the risks of a catastrophic logistical event are dramatically reduced.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a concept that seems to be popping up much more recently and with developments in the space, we’re sure colleagues and clients will be discussing it at length in 2023. 

Simply put edge computing refers to computing done at the location closest to a system’s data or its end user—where information is coming from or going into. By having the data close to the source, you can reduce lag and latency. “Edge computing can help to reduce the carbon footprint of data centers by using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.” – Author, Daniel Saito, Impakter.

Pairing edge computing architecture with IoT devices ensures that your data will be there when required, giving rise to almost instant delivery of information. With applications in autonomous vehicles, in-hospital patient monitoring and content delivery, we’re likely to see this cloud-computing rival thrive in 2023.  

Augmented and Virtual Reality

With “metaverse” becoming such a popular term in 2022, even your auntie may casually drop it at the family gathering this year, it may finally see the uptake and usage it has promised, in the next 12 months. 

Apple AR/VR headset likely to launch in 2023 

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is busy hiring employees for its AR (augmented reality)-MR (mixed reality) headset project. This new OS will include mixed-reality versions of apps such as Messages, FaceTime and Maps. But be warned, it will be very expensive as it has been estimated between 35K and 50K as it will be a high-end device.

Simplicity will be key

According to IDTechEx’ Sam Dale, this trend towards simplicity is even more evident in the emerging generation of AR headsets aimed at the public. These devices are not yet a viable replacement for the smartphone, so instead of making a complex headset which tries to do everything, why not make something relatively simple targeting a single high-value application?

Collaboration Between Major Metaverse Movers Will Increase

Sam further explains that the most notable feature of the recent Quest Pro’s release in October 2022 will be the collaboration between Meta and Microsoft to bring the latter’s productivity features onto the device.

The above may be a little tech-heavy to explain to your sweet aunt, but at least it’s something to look forward to. 

Although 2023 is still a few weeks away we’d like to thank every reader, client and staff member that has made 2022 a landmark year in Blue Bean Software’s history and we’re excited to share what 2023 has to offer. See you on the other side!

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