A Day In The Life Of An Engineer: Matthew Mills

A day in the life of Matthew

First and foremost, I really enjoy coding and am usually only too happy to dev 9-5 every day of the week, usually much longer too… but there are a few other distractions I have to keep me fresh.


I started running in my final year at University. Up until that point my daily lunch consisted of “Slap” Chips and Black Label from the on-campus pub. When walking upstairs became a struggle I knew I had to do something… so I started running and in the process lost 25kg and now I guess I’m hooked. I’ve run the Comrades a couple of times along with many other marathon and ultra-marathon events. 

Most days start with me rolling out of bed and into my running gear… Some days this can be tougher than others but I find a morning run is a perfect way to clear my head and maintain a bit of fitness!

Matthew Mills - running


My MacBook Pro might be my favourite acquisition, but my Nespresso machine comes a close second. Needless to say, it’s a tough start to the day when you get the 06:00 – 08:30 load shedding slot. After a cup or two of coffee, I’m ready to get cracking.

Matthew Mills Coffee

Gadgets & Gear

Come the end of the day and it’s time to switch off. I’m generally pretty restless and can’t remember the last time I “binged” any sort of show. I have to always have something in my hands…

One day it could be my PlayStation. I’m a sucker for FIFA but occasionally get roped in for some Fortnite or Warzone.

Or maybe it’s my DDJ-400’s. I love music and a few years ago I was a resident club DJ. I got the chance to play with the likes of Mark Stent, Kyle Cassim and Euphonik. But now for the most part I just enjoy putting together some mixes for when I’m out running or to keep me “in the zone” while coding.

Another evening I could be editing. I enjoy a bit of photography too and have just bought a DJI drone to get some cool shots… I’ve found flying a bit tougher than it looks and at the moment the main goal is to avoid crashing into all the trees in my neighbourhood!

Matthew Mills Gadgets




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